Somewhat of a Recap Part II

Happy wrong posting day

Happy I’m back from an unannounced hiatus

Happy I’m actually posting a blog post

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

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Dance Photography

As you all know, last week was Csehy, and it was incredible. There were a lot of emotions, drama, tensions, and craziness but I had such an amazing time.

I’m still a little bitter that it’s over, so I’m going to stop talking now and show you what I’m here to post about: I took a bunch of pictures of my friend Izzy dancing, and they turned out super cool!

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Shows I’m Watching

Welcome back! It’s another Tuesday, and it’s time to fangirl and cry over characters dying talk about one of my favorite things: shows.

Everybody knows that TV shows are essential to nearly everyone – I tried to avoid TV-watching for SO long, taking pride in the fact that yes, the only thing I have watched on TV other than PBS Kids was baseball. That all changed when last year we arrived home from being in the mountains and our friend Dr. Potter had gotten us a Roku for our TV.

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