Baking With Kylee

Hello again! I know I just posted this morning, but I had a post collab planned and I thought I’d post it on my newly finished site.

Last Friday a bunch of the girls at my church gathered at my friend Kylee’s house to make some quick breads for others in the church. We split up into little teams: Kylee, my sister, and M (for the purposes of this post) made banana bread, and Kylee’s sister Lucy, C (for today’s purposes) and I made blueberry bread.

We each took turns mixing the loaves and then washing dishes, and went to eat lunch/play while they were in the oven. We were SO tempted to just eat them up right there, they smelled so good!

I didn’t get a lot of good pictures but thank goodness Kylee did!


You can probably tell that we had a ton of fun. It was also really nice on Sunday to see the smiles on the faces of the people to whom we gave the loaves. They were so happy to get the bread and it felt great to help!

Just a note before I go – I promise my posts normally have more meat to them rather than a bunch of pictures, and I promise I don’t post that frequently. I’ve been doing Tues/Thurs posting, which has really worked out so you can expect more regularity!


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