{Guess What? SNOW!} + Other Things

Hello guys!

It may come as no surprise to many of you that today rolled around and I still had no post ideas. How typical, you may be thinking. Trust me, I’m thinking the same thing.

All I could think of were random snippets of life right now that were nice but not long enough to make into a full post, so I thought I’d jam them all together and hope for the best.

Something else that’s not surprising – it won’t stop snowing here. We’ve had so much in the past month, and unfortunately, I don’t think it’s stopping anytime soon. And I know you all have endured countless photos of the same old shots in my backyard, but it’s the only thing I’ve got right now. Sorry :/


Yay, snow! Not really. It was okay in December, but it can be done any time now and I wouldn’t complain.


Now onto the next thing – I got a ukulele! My aunt got it for me as a late birthday gift, and I’ve been playing it SO much since I got it. It’s white and adorable, but I have a problem: what do I name it? I’ve already used Sherlock names for my succulents, so I can’t reuse them. I’m going to have you guys tell me what you think I should name my new uke!


^^Shamelessly promoting Csehy even in uke pictures XD


^^My camera does weird things with portrait photos, so I’ll just laugh at you guys turning your heads sideways from here XD

Welcome to the more serious part of the post, where I talk about my typical trouble: writing. While I am writing a lot more lately, I still can’t get myself to put down a plot and commit or even finish a short story. I’ve been writing a bunch of poetry, but I’m going to share about 0.0% of that right now because I hate sharing that stuff and a lot of it is probably garbage. Sorry! I’ll work on some better poetry soon, maybe when I haven’t just watched another season of Sherlock and I’m not all emotionally confused XD

I’m really going out on a leg and being ambitious this month – after reading several Shakespeare plays for mere amusement and to say that I’ve read them I’ve started Our Mutual Friend. *cackles in the corner* another huge Dickens that I likely won’t finish for another year! How could I? Well, I’m going to try. I’ve watched theΒ 1998 miniseries,(which is really good, but I don’t remember it perfectly because I watched it several years ago) and I have been told that it’s an amazing book. It is so far, and I’m only about 9 pages in. I’m already astonished at the wit of it; (I’m always surprised and caught laughing at Dickens, tbh) at the beginning of the second chapter, it describes the new couple, their house, and the party that they host. That couple, the Veneerings, are newly married, have a new house, a new house crest, a new everything – and it makes me laugh when I think of the meaning of Veneering. It’s a coat of sorts that one puts on wood to either enhance it or cover up a flaw. Dickens. forgets. Nothing.

I’ll be done with Dickens for now, but you can expect lots more later, especially if I end up finishing it before next Christmas. I’m terribly sorry if you’re already bored of me talking about clever authors, if you are, please do skip this paragraph and move on with the post. One thing that I didn’t really know until this week was that Shakespeare actually took a lot of the material of his plays from history. He drew his plotlines from real events and dramatized it. I found out that there was actually a king of Scotland named Macbeth, and he actually killed the king before him who was named Duncan, and there were real live people named Siward and Malcolm and the rest. There probably weren’t witches, though.

*ahem* Moving on, I have no more ideas so I’ll post some behind the scenes pictures from our trip. I think they capture the fun we had rather than just the majesty πŸ˜€

Car 16

^^ I made that guy for a friend, but she forgot it at my house so I took it across the country. His name is Charles Antonio Johann Carl Jaques Nicholas IV (I’ve made CAJCJN III for my cousin :D)

Car 22

^^ That guy has been named Walter Nemo Jubilation Kronkite Runion Jr. III (don’t ask why)

DSC_0142 (2)

^^Lizzie watched the Lord of the Rings several times in the car, so we found all of the Legolasings XD

DSC_0254 (2)

^^We saw a ton of cows!!

DSC_0260 (4)

^^ This water tower was in Ogalala, Nebraska and it was decorated like a UFO. I still don’t know why, but good for them.

DSC_0266 (2)

^^ The little cacti were SO cute and they wereΒ everywhere. We were very careful and none of us got pricked πŸ˜€


That just about wraps up today’s post! I’m sorry it was so miscellaneous, but I hope it was interesting nonetheless. Do you like snow or do you prefer warmer weather? Do you like my incredibly long names for my little friends? Have you found all of the “Legolasings?” And most importantly – what should I name my ukulele?

Have a great day!!!!

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13 thoughts on “{Guess What? SNOW!} + Other Things

  1. Haha, don’t worry this was really interesting! Here are some name ideas for your ukulele: Legolas (HEHEHE), Francis, George, Jeff (I have my reasons for the last two)

    Forgive me, I don’t know why they’re all boys’ names.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the names for the animal things. Very long and confusing and yeah…..
    And writing is so hard! I started a story last year and then took a long break and now I’m writing again, (as you know). But writing is really hard.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OH GROSS SNOW. This is why I live in the south. *nods* DICKENS! OUR MUTUAL FRIEND! Oh gracious, I started Our Mutual Friend about 2 years ago and I’m only on page 245 out of 800. I NEED TO WORK ON IT. But yes, Dickens is SO clever! Haha, my best friend Allison said her sister started reading Oliver Twist and got annoyed because Dickens reminded her of me in that our humor is vastly similar. I guess it’s because I’ve only read 12.5 of his works. You might consider me a fan…anyway, I digress. Hmmm, names for your uke? Mortimer?


    • I know, I wish I could join you down there! Goodness, you need to get a move on, don’t you? XD I do that all the time. And YES, Dickens Fans for LIFE!!!


  4. BUT THE SNOW IS SO PRETTY! I can’t talk though, because where I live it never snows. XD Hmm…ukulele names…maybe you could do something Hawaiian, since it’s a ukulele? πŸ˜‰ Also, good luck with writing! That’s good you’re writing more, so yay for that. I hope you can committ to story soon. I believe in you.πŸ’ͺ🏻

    Great post, Catharine!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe – yeah, try living up in the frozen north! Quite excessive after 4 months. Maybe, but I don’t know a lot XD Thanks so much!!! πŸ’ͺ

      Liked by 1 person

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