My 3 Favorite Healthy (ish) Snacks

Afternoon, Y’all! Isn’t life just fifty times better when the sun’s out? That’s how I feel. Sometimes winter’s just so hard to get through and the days of grey stretch out forever, but then the sun breaks through – and it’s wonderful.



The sunshine isn’t the only thing that’s making me happy – I’m going to Portugal and Spain!!!!! I’m starting to gather my things and prepare to travel across the Atlantic.


Nobody will ever tell me that you can’t rock out to classical music. If fancy strikes you, go listen to Shostakovich Symphony No. 5 movements 2 and 4. They. Are. Epic. I’m not normally the biggest fan of 20th-century/less traditional music, but this is great music. We’re playing it in orchestra and while it’s really hard, it’s super fun to play!



Anyways, today I would like to talk about my favorite thing (well, mostly): food. Snacks. Eating. Anything related to food, I’m in. I snack way too much!

Many times when I go for a snack, there’s nothing. No snacks in the fridge, no unhealthy tidbits that I feel guilty eating. Nothing. Fortunately, this year I have discovered a few snacks other than chocolate to eat when I’m hungry – and I’d love to share them with you! All three are relatively healthy and, at least to me, very yummy. Let the snacking commence!


1 – Chips and Salsa. I know, I know, very typical. But have you tried the Sunbelt Fresh Organic Salsa from Costco with a nice salty tortilla chip? Yeah, I thought not. I’m not usually a fan of salsa, but I LOVE this stuff, so it’s definitely worth it. It’s fresh, it’s yummy, and it doesn’t taste like a bunch of tomatoes and peppers shoved into an old jar of tomato paste. That’s how I normally feel about salsa. My mom bought some this afternoon and I’m eating it right now, even though I just ate dinner XD


2 – Brownie Batter Hummus. This is something you may not have heard of – dessert hummus? This is another snack that I love despite hating hummus. It tastes like legitimate brownie stuff. And if you eat it with graham crackers? Oh. My. WORD! It tastes like a smore. The brand is Delighted By, and you can get it at most Wegmans. If you don’t have Wegmans? Resto in Pesto. Just kidding, you can buy it online. It’s really good.


3 – A Kiwi. Super simple, super tasty – I LOVE eating kiwi. They’re small, and tangy but sweet, and I think they’re scrumptious. Who doesn’t like fruit? A kiwi is super great as a snack because you can cut one in half and use a spoon to eat it! The skin acts as a cup, and you can scoop the innards out like a bowl of sorbet. Mmm.




Those are the snacks I have for you guys! I hope that you try them and/or like them! I really enjoy them, and I’m somewhat of a picky eater. Thanks for joining me again, and tell me in the comments what your favorite snack is, or if you have tried any of my suggestions. Have a great day!!!!!

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10 thoughts on “My 3 Favorite Healthy (ish) Snacks

  1. Those pictures are beautiful!!! 😀 I loved looking at them! I’m so excited for you that your going to Portugal and Spain!! ❤ That sounds like a ton of fun! What instrument do you play? I love snacking! Chips and Salsa are the absolute BEST! I had them a few days ago and they were delicious! Brownie Batter Hummus?!?!?! Wait! Back up the bus….that's a thing????? That sounds incredibly delicious! 🙂 I have never tried Kiwi's before, but they look pretty good. Food is just so good!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! Me, too 😀 I play violin in one of my city’s orchestras (there are two really good youth orchestras, and my brother’s in the other XD). Aren’t they? I like salty chips 😀 Yes, it’s a thing! And it’s SOOO good! They actually have 4 flavors of the dessert hummus. Thanks for commenting!


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