Tell a Story Tag + Packing

Happy Tuesday! Another week has rolled around, and life is moving at the pace of an alarmingly quick slow snail. That made no sense – let me explain: in the day to day drag of life (including classes, practicing, and OH HEAVENS ALGEBRA HOMEWORK), everything feels slower than molasses going uphill in January. Tour is in less than a week, but I feel as if it can’t come fast enough. However slow life feels, I keep on finding myself a week later, and I’m scared that I’ll blink and I’ll be back home again. Story over.


That was an incredibly depressing start, but that’s not at all what my post is about. The lovely Starling nominated me for the Tell a Story tag, so I’ve decided to do that before I leave.


  • Include the tag image in your post
  • Tell a (one paragraph short) story based on the theme your nominee gives you
  • Give ONE theme for your tagged bloggers to write a story about
  • Tag 3 (or more) people
  • Let your nominees know you tagged them
  • Copy and paste the rules
  • Follow the rules


Theme: Emotions

My Story

She drew her bow and aimed – it didn’t matter. He was just another man, just another liar. They were all the same. All men ever did was break hearts, and Isley had had enough. Her suitor stared in disbelief, quickly letting go of a young girl, obviously ashamed. The blood coursed through her veins as she looked at him. He had made a promise. And now he would pay the price for breaking it. Isley’s eyes stung and her throat tightened with the stifled tears, but she wouldn’t let them go. Caring isn’t an advantage, she told herself as she swallowed painfully. All romance ends in despair. She looked into his eyes and spoke his death sentence with a single look. The arrow hit her mark and she ran, not daring to watch the life go out of his eyes. The tears came. They burned. But she had moved on – she wasn’t about to fall for the same trick twice.


My Nominees:

Kylee @ A Drop in the Ocean

McKenna @ Alternate Galaxy

Clover + Sage @ Coastal Twins

Thank you SO much, Starling, for having a three nominee rule – so many tags that I’ve done have a LOT of nominees to do, so this was very nice.

The New Theme: Wanderlust

Now onto the next part of the post – packing. My trip to Spain and Portugal is nigh, and that means packing. *dies* I’m not always the most organized person, but when it comes to packing, I get really organized. It’s almost a little ridiculous especially considering I almost always forget something.


Packing for Spain is the third hardest thing I have had to pack for – the second being Csehy and the first being our trip last summer. It’s a week in a foreign climate, including the possibility of rain and fluctuation in temperature. I also need to pack light enough so that I don’t surpass 50 pounds and have room for souvenirs. And, of course, with any trip comes the necessity to buy things that one doesn’t have, so that doubles the stress.


Before I pack, I always make a list. I am the queen of lists, even if I never look at them again – so of course I have to make a very long and intricate checklist. I start with a to-do list (things I need to do before departure) and then move on to the clothing. Pants, shirts, and shoes are my main categories, and then I write down my pajamas and other things. The next section of the list is for my carry-on, and then my budget for the trip and the things I need to buy.

Packing 1

After that, it’s basically just packing and departure. The packing itself is also tricky – you need to juggle the number of things you need, your suitcase size, and take into account the addition of items on the way back. My dad found a good deal on a set at Costco that had two suitcases, one small and one large. I’m probably going to take the larger one, but it just seems so awfully big. I’m not sure I’m going to need that much room…


All of that goes to say that I am struggling with packing and I hope that you guys have some tips for me regarding packing or even traveling at all. It’s going to be my first time on an airplane, so that’ll be an experience!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Comment your favorite place to travel, and if you’ve been to any cool countries. Have an amazing day!

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11 thoughts on “Tell a Story Tag + Packing

  1. For the airplane, they always make you throw out any water you have at the security point, but most of the time that is okay, because all you need to do is go to a Starbucks and ask for water (they give it to you free) that way you have free water instead of a insanely overpriced one. Try to go to the bathroom towards the beginning of the flight, towards the end the bathroom will stink. This is optional, I always like to bring a deck of cards to play with my sisters while we wait to board the plane. Also If you roll up you clothes there will be more room in the suitcase. If there is any turbulence, any turbulence at all, just think that it is a roller coaster, then it is very fun! If you don’t know what to do on the plane ride, then bring your Bible, no one can ever read too much of that :). Also when the plane, either takes off or lands, it lowers the pressure or something, anyway there is something that makes my ears hurt, and if you chew gum it helps. If you unscrew the opening of your shampoo and put plastic wrap and then screw the lid back on, then it prevents leaks, most of the time. Always keep your money in your front pockets or somewhere you know only you would be able to get it, not completely sure about Spain but in northern Europe there are pickpockets. Try your best not to look like a tourist, if you do they might try to swindle you. Talk in Spanish as much as you can! Try to watch a Rick Steve’s episode of Spain. Those are so helpful!
    Those are all the tips I can think of, sorry if it is long and the sentences don’t make sense :/ If you have more questions, just message me 😀

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    • Wow, those are great tips! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me 😀 I’ll definitely be using them. Yes, pickpockets are very prevalent in Spain so I’ll be very careful about that 😀 Thanks again!!!! ❤


  2. Woah, Catharine. I ACTUALLY FELT THAT STORY. *applauds*
    Also HOW EXCITING YOU’RE GOING ON YOUR TRIP SO SOON. Unfortunately, I really don’t have any tips to give you considering that I’ve only flown once AND I’ve never traveled abroad. But my best wishes for safe traveling! Have you flown before?

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  3. That was a wonderful story- loved it! And thanks so much for nominating us 🙂 that really made our day. Hopefully the story (sage will write it as I have another blog post to work on 😀) will be up soon!

    Have an incredible holiday- safe travels
    Sage and Clover xx

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