Cornfield Photoshoot

Hey you! Welcome back to the second day of my ramblings in a row! (I congratulate you for getting through my postsπŸ˜‚) Today, I’m fulfilling my promises in sharing a cornfield photoshoot with you. As you probably already know, I was in Pennsylvania for the weekend, and my grandparents’ backyard goes up against one of the fields of a nearby farm. In the place where my grandparents live, they’re close to the city but there are tons of farms around and it can be very rural. It always makes me happy to arrive at their house when it’s warm and smell cow poop πŸ˜› That’s a weird thing to say, but to me, it kind of brings back a lot of good memories.

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Life Updates

Hey guys!

Welcome back! As you know, I just posted my last trip recap really early Saturday, so I don’t have any crutch posts I have to figure out some new types of posts to share.

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