Somewhat of a Recap Part II

Happy wrong posting day

Happy I’m back from an unannounced hiatus

Happy I’m actually posting a blog post

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

I’ve done it again, and for that I am sorry. I’d like to think I have somewhat of a reason for this one, though (Philly, Toronto, Family Reunion, visitors – pics of my travels coming soon!), so I hope you have forgiven me and will allow me to finish my reminiscing on days past Csehy.


This year at Csehy, I wanted to have more than just the 1 picture of my friends to be able to put on my wall, so I brought the Nikon with me and took a TON of pictures. A lot of my squad, a lot of everyday Csehy life – and though Team Canon was stronger in numbers, Team Nikon still got a lot of great pics. Yes, we photographers are that devoted to our camera brands.

Isaac 1Joelle-ThomasThomas

Not my squad, but part of my other family.



Cool picture, but her polaroid wasn’t actually working, so…



Oof, guys – I’m too lazy to edit the photos I didn’t put in my insta post so that they’re not yellow (thanks student center crap lighting) – so please just pretend that they’re normal looking!



Oh, look who it is 😂😂😂 Lovely backpack, Liam.



Drama is just about the only thing that goes down in the girls’ dorm…that and a LOT of giggling!


That’s about it! I do have a lot more pictures than that, but I think you already get the idea. I’m so thankful for Csehy not only because of the amazing music that we make there but because of the friends I’ve met and become closer to because of it. I love Csehy so much, even if we are adding a junior high week and moving to Pennsylvania, because there’s no place else I have felt so at home.

Love you all 💕💕💕

Blog Sign off


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