inevitably autumn

My goodness. Is it that time already? Must we go again into the cold abyss that is November, finals week, January, most of February, a lot of March, and sometimes April? Must we fall (see what I did there) into the same freezing cycle?

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A Tag

Hey guys! I’m trying to discipline myself a lot more (after a lot of stress as the product of procrastinating so far this school year) so that I can get more done and be happier in the end. Because, believe me, I LOVE the feeling of having gotten something done (geometry hw, practicing, etc.) but a lot of the time I merely don’t want to take time out of more important things (doing nothing) to actually do what I need to do. Wow, that was a long intro – I guess I’ll get to it.

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on hate

To start: no part of this post will be political. I know those things always blow up and I’m not interested in that, so I’ll just start by saying that this is mostly opinion, and my mindset on this topic. It’s something that definitely needs to be thought about more often, though!

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