throwback playlist

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY Y’ALL! And I’m sorry to everyone out there like myself who will be spending the day doing nothing with absolutely nobody. *tear* we are a sad and persecuted bunch!

So… I don’t listen to music ALL THE TIME, but when I do, I listen nonstop for a week or two before ceasing again. This past week has been filled with me trying to figure out what IΒ actually want to listen to, and guys – I made a new playlist and it’s AMAZING

About now would be a good time for me to start making sense, so here I go:

I love making playlists, so most recently I made a throwback playlist filled with songs from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Who doesn’t love jamming to a good classic, am I right? This isn’t the only playlist I have, but it’s my favorite at the moment.


Here’s the link to it on Spotify!

The songs (if you don’t have spotify, I’ll put the YouTube links!)


That’s it so far! I know this post is SUPER short but I have two quizzes and a test due by Friday, plus a small experiment, packing, cleaning the fish tank, and probably cleaning my room. Juggling all that plus the looming threat of a mental breakdown is a bit hard to do at the moment, so bear with me! I’ll get there eventually – I always do somehow!


All right, see y’all next Tuesday!


alittlebitofrunion sign-off


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    • Thank you so much for the nomination, but I think I might pass on this one! I just did it 3 times in one post, so I’ll either pass or save it for later. Thanks, though!

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