(Most of these pictures were taken just before I got a giant haircut)

Hello, lovely human! I’m a 14-year-old bean named Catharine, or Cat, whichever suits you. Catharine is spelled C-a-t-h-A-r-i-n-e – yes, the A is just as important to me as coffee. DO NOT spell my name with an e or a k or a y. DON’T. So that should give you an idea of who I am.

Just kidding! I have way too much fun reading my own writing to keep it that short, so you’re in for a very long bio. I would like to start out by saying that I live in the north, but I wish I didn’t and I plan on spending my grown-up life in the south since I can’t stand the cold. I also wish to say that I have like fifty million hobbies, so bear with me.

Writing and reading are soooooooooooo important to me. I write a bunch of poetry (a lot of it’s depressing even though I’m a very optimistic person) and I write short stories. I have tried and tried and tried to write a novel, but that hasn’t happened yet, so I’m not anticipating it happening in the next few years. Throw me (just kidding, don’t, it’s a book and should be treated like a human being) anything by Shakespeare, Dickens, Jane Austen, or any of those classic lovelies and I’ll not only read it, but you will be my friend. My dad’s an English teacher, so I, of course, am a grammar nazi (most of the time XD) and…yeah. My favorite book is Great Expectations. It’s a bit hard at first, but if you can actually understand the secret language of extremely literary people, it’s super funny.


Mendon 5006.jpg
Life without music is not only very sad, but it would be so boring that even I would get depressed, which doesn’t happen. It just doesn’t. I like to think that music is like a written story expressed with sound, or vice versa if that even makes sense to you. I am 100% classical music junkie, don’t even get me started on pop music because I would likely get very angry and leave the room. Boo. I play violin and piano, but mostly violin. It’s always just been a part of my life, and I’ve probably been to more concerts and recitals than most college music majors. #mymomisapianist OH and I also go to this really amazing music camp called Csehy (pronounced Chā-hee. Do not say it “cheesy” or “catchy,” I will hunt you down.)

Next up is my social life. Wait, what social life? Just kidding, I’m not that socially inept. This is my first year being homeschooled, so I’m not the annoying “unsocialized” homeschool stereotype. Can I just say that I think that homeschool stereotypes are the worst? Anyways, I have two siblings and I’m the middle child. All of my friends live in far off places, meaning the south, meaning I’m super jealous of them. And they like to rub it in. Yaaaaay. I’ll get them back someday XD. But I also make friends REALLY quickly, so if we have one thing in common we’re pretty much good to go.


Baking is the next best thing to friends, so let’s talk about bread, shall we? I’m a huge bread nerd, caused by the fact that I watch the Great British Baking Show. Thanks, Paul Hollywood. I have a huge history of baking calamities. Don’t even get me started on the time that I followed an icing recipe to the letter and somehow ended up with a kitchen covered in powdered sugar, and icing that tasted like Crisco and was too thick to pipe. Well, if you also like baking, email me and we can nerd out about bread 😀DSC_1136

I’m an extreme hobbyist. I sew, knit, crochet, run (or most things outside), and do basically anything that catches my attention. The only problem is, I’m not often patient enough to follow patterns super carefully, even though I’m a bit of a perfectionist. My favorite “on the side” hobby is blogging. I have been blogging for over a year and I LOVE it. It’s so fun! Now, don’t be surprised if I go off on random bunny trails or spout random ideas in the middle of a post – I’ve got a pretty big imagination, and I’m quite a dreamer. I talk to myself a lot, and I sometimes zone out and stare at nothing for no reason. You have been warned!

If you can’t already tell, I’m definitely more of an artsy person than a math/science person. While I love learning new things and putting the puzzle pieces of life together, I am down for anything creative. I really enjoy photography, with the help of my trusty Nikon D3100. I am not a dancer or a gymnast, but I still appreciate grace and poise and I “dance” around my house a lot. I used to do gymnastics, so I automatically point my toes everywhere. I am a very energetic, optimistic person. My other random loves include parentheses, doing hair, the show Psych (#ivehearditbothways #youknowthatsright), and coffee. Oops, I already mentioned that. Ripperoni. Since writing this extremely long biography, I have begun watching and become obsessed with Sherlock, so PLEASE email me if you want to be SHERlocked together 😀


Have a lovely day! Luv ya the most 😘