i can’t imagine why you’re here but if you’re here that’s already exceeded my expectations so congrats, you win.

i’m cat, as you’ve probably figured out.

i like thinking, dreaming, and consuming all types of media that cause me to do either of those things. i like reading and watching movies. i love Shakespeare and anything that has to do with him. i like poetry and sad music and things that make me cry. i also happen to like crying and being sad, for whatever reason. i like writing, specifically poetry. i like doing hair and will go to any lengths to braid something. i like taking pictures. i love the rain, and the smell of rain, and rain in the springtime. i like rain in the summer, and thunderstorms in the summer, and thunderstorms in general. i like the summer best of all the seasons, and would much rather roast than be cold. i like to listen to music, of any variety, especially when it makes me feel some type of way. i like parentheses and semicolons and commas used in excess but all tied together with grammatical precision. i like being in love, and falling in love with words, and places, and things, and people, and the world, and nature, and everything, essentially. i like conversations about life and death and philosophy and theology. i like a lot of things, i guess. they say someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty of art or nature is an aesthete, so maybe i’m an aesthete.

if that hasn’t scared you off, i don’t know what will, so maybe you should stick around. or not, it’s up to you. i really couldn’t offer you any advice either way.