throwback playlist

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY Y’ALL! And I’m sorry to everyone out there like myself who will be spending the day doing nothing with absolutely nobody. *tear* we are a sad and persecuted bunch!

So… I don’t listen to music ALL THE TIME, but when I do, I listen nonstop for a week or two before ceasing again. This past week has been filled with me trying to figure out what I actually want to listen to, and guys – I made a new playlist and it’s AMAZING

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Some Book Reviews

Whaaat? Cat’s being bookish? She ACTUALLY read books? Whaaaaaaa – ?

That’s right, I read a bunch of books. This week I made my dad take me to the library, get me a new library card (the last one I had was from a kindergarten field trip and I can’t remember the last time I saw it), and check out 5 whole books. And while I haven’t read all five yet, I have in fact read 7 whole books in 2019.

I know what you’re thinking – literally every other blogger in the entire universe is already on book 45 out of 200. However, I’m taking small steps to get back to my old rate of reading books. I’m pleased to say that at least 4 out of those seven books were read in one day, so that’s pretty cool. I just have to keep that rate up every single day!!! Heh.

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frosted trees

Hello, my dears! Welcome to the first time I posted on a Thursday in 2 whole weeks! I’m quite proud of it, and I have quite a cool bunch of pictures to show you.

Yesterday it decided to rain, and the atmosphere decided to be freezing cold, so what we ended up with was a whole lot of ice-coated trees and bushes. It was quite magical, aside from the fact that my fingers nearly fell off from the cold and my camera was starting to get a little bit wet, and though I didn’t get quite as many pictures nor as many good pictures as I wanted, I thought I’d share them regardless.

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¡hasta nunca, enero!


yeah. I didn’t post last Thursday. And before I explain, let me just say – I am SO sorry for screwing up my schedule. Again. Already.

I’m not proud of it. Every time, there seems to be a different reason for why I couldn’t post, but looking back it all just sounds like I was being lazy. Which, if I’m being honest, is half true. But I have to beg you to try to understand how stressful it is to forget to pay attention in physics class (because I’m still trying to figure out last class’ material) and then suddenly have to take an entire quiz on the new material that has 6 monstrous questions and is worth a GIANT portion of my overall grade. It’s awful. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

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weekend snowstorm

Hello there! Happy Tuesday. I’m SUPER excited for today’s post, because I finally got a chance to go outside and get some white, unspoiled snow pictures! I didn’t actually get that many, but I was surprised as to how some of them turned out. I know I always say that I strongly dislike snow, but we haven’t had much yet this year, and this past weekend we had a snow storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything was completely white and beautiful, albeit dangerous to drive on…

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Sibling Photoshoots

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy Thursday, people of the world! I’m so excited to share these pictures with you. They turned out soooooo well and I had so much fun taking them! And I know guys, I still have to publish a room tour, secret project, and giveaway that I’ve been promising, but all in good time! I’m hoping to get all of those out by at least my birthday. (A lot of those things depend on each other so that’s why the last one hasn’t happened yet)

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